Platform dedicated to Focus group and in depth interviews

Online platforme dedicated to Focus Group and in depth interviews

Online Focus Group are virtual online discussions to probe consumer behaviour and preferences

We selected the best secured platform to conduct your studie

The platform is optimazed for market research

  • We recruit from our panels, composed of respondants which consist of respondents that have participated in past qualitative and quantitative projects
  • We call each respondant to check his connexion is good enough to share his webcam and microphone
  • We assist the moderator in the handling of the tool to share the different documents with the respondants
  • We follow the group entirely for real-time technical support
  • The platform is available in all languages
Online focus group with our Polish partner

Online focus groups offer the following advantages :

  • Cost savings with the savings of facilities and food expenses
  • Elimination of travel expenses
  • Recruitement of respondants in differents places and countries
  • Simultaneous translations

Getting Started video for respondents :

tuto participant visioconférence PR

Getting Started video for moderators :